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This is the last of four posts featuring queer and queer-ish reads for Halloween. These books are mostly just “miscellaneous”: not quite classics, and in between super-scary and not-scary-at-all. But maybe they do have more than that in common… something sought, or something unexpected found. You can see the previous posts here. Enjoy!

Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
A bullied twelve year old named Oskar befriends Eli, the new girl in town. She’s strange, and her caretaker is stranger. Bodies start piling up. I considered adding this one to the “Classics” post, since it’s quickly climbing to that status with the help of two movie adaptations. Though I haven’t read the book or seen the movies, I’ve been told the American film changes or omits some of the elements - in particular, Eli’s history and gender - which make the original story so layered and good. Trigger warning on this one for pedophilia and sexual violence.

The Abandoned by Ross Campbell
This graphic novel by the creator of Wet Moon features a plague that only affects those over 23 - leaving children and teens to defend themselves from an army of zombie adults. Rylie (seen above in all her curvy queer punk glory) must battle her way through her Georgia hometown to rescue her crush.

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link
Link’s short stories glow with otherworldly wonder - which is my flowery way of saying I love the crap out of Kelly Link. For a queer sensibility, go for “The Constable of Abal” or “Magic for Beginners”. For gut-twisting dread, go for “Monster”, or the title story, “Pretty Monsters”. Then read the rest, because each one is its own exquisite treat.

The Wolf at the Door by Jameson Currier
Avery Greene Dalyrymple III owns a run-down guesthouse in New Orleans. When one of the occupants (who is also Avery’s ex-lover) passes away, various ghostly apparitions start to appear. Avery becomes inkeeper to the house’s original occupants, a gay man who died in the 1970s, and a mysterious white wolf - and must bring peace to their lost souls, as well as his own.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
Tana wakes up in a nightmare: last night’s party turned into a bloodbath. She flees with her ex-boyfriend Aidan - the only other survivor, who was infected with a hunger for blood - and a strange vampire boy named Gavriel who is being hunted by something even more monstrous than he is. While the main romance is hetero, there’s some subtextual (and some totally textual) tension between Aidan and Gavriel, and a trans girl character (who is written with the right language and with zero shock & awe) who becomes Tana’s ally.

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